Help Make Our Youth Better Day By Day


All About Youth Academy and School (AAYAS)

AAYAS is a learning place.  The school will offer the opportunity for each student to excel in all subjects utilizing lesson plans tailored for each student.  It is a place to experience oneself in relationship to God, to others, and to the environment through planned, guided activities. The Academy recognizes, values, and accepts each student as an individual, a unique creation of God, and it provides the opportunity to question, to explore, to succeed, and to celebrate in God’s world.


All About Youth Academy and School admits youth of any race, color, and national ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities offered to youth at the school. It does not discriminate based on race, color, national, and/or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies and other school administered programs. The administration, however, reserves the right to dismiss or refuse admission to anyone unwilling to comply with the school’s regulations or behavioral standards.


 Authorization for admission to All About Youth Academy and School is made by the Director of AAYAS and a selection committee when each youth is determined to be:

  1. Ready for the type of group experience that the school will offer.
  2. Socially, emotionally, and physically mature.
  3. Able to benefit from the program.

School Program

 We will be staffed by qualified and experienced teachers who are dedicated to helping parents in training their youth in a warm Christian environment. The school program includes experiences, which provide growth in the following areas:

  1. Intellectual – by encouraging an enthusiasm for learning through discovery, exploration, creativity, and hands-on activities.
  2. Social – by encouraging sharing and consideration of others, participation in group activities and developing a feeling of security and belonging.
  3. Spiritual – by daily Bible teaching, stories, and songs, and by exposure to the knowledge of our Creator and His Work through a daily Bible Time.


  1. Teach the Bible as the inspired word of God.
  2. Build self-esteem in each youth by teaching each youth that God loves and cares for him/her.
  3. Reach out to the youth’s family and share Christ’s love for them.
  4. Help make the youth aware of the world around them.
  5. Help the youth to develop good manners.
  6. Help the youth learn how to share and care about others.
  7. Provide a loving warm environment for all youth that they may:
  • develop self-expression through music and crafts.
  • develop self-control.
  • develop interest and joy in learning.
  • develop responsibility and resourcefulness.
  • become comfortable in a group setting where they both learn to be quiet and listen to the teacher or participate in fun and noisy activities.